Turriefield Postcard

THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO PLEDGED TO OUR CROWDFUNDER CAMPAIGN: Frances Taylor, Aurore Whitworth, Margaret Robinson, Margaret Roberts, Kathryn Kelly, Lynn Johnson, Brian Priest, Martyn Fisher, Hannah Bateson, Patricia Gilmore, Judith Garbutt, Suze Walker, Marion Yeaman, Mairi Macdonald, Karene Williamson, Valerie Polson, Emma Michael, Patricia Meyer, Alexis smith, Deborah, V&D Riddell, Inne Withouck, The String, Shetland Ltd. Heike Kern, Eileen Tait, laura, Jenny Fraser, Aaron Pottinger, Dawn Gibson, Stephen Thomason, Susan Fogg, Sally Wilkin, Linda Newington, Jim Nicolson, Sam 123, Alison Gaffney, Ann-Kathrin & Ivo Fisler, Kerry Larbalestier, Sue Beer, Judith Gilmore, Shona Jack, Louise Watson, Alastair M MacKinnon, Allan Bruce Hunter, Laura Whittall, Duncan McWhannell, Anne&john Bateson, FinnW, Helen Quirk, James Peter Duncan, Janice Thomason, Misa Hay, Fiona Hackland, Briony Brierley, Roberto Getto, Tom Allan, Rebecca Colyer, Katrina Christie, Janet Davidge, Astrid Drittenbass, Jessie Williamson, Deryn Relph, Alfred Kern, Aimée Houghton, Helen Robertson, Ruairidh Milne, Juliet Nicolson, Alan Rolfe, Rhona Malcolm, Sandra Malcolm, Lynne Hull, Betty Williamson, and 31 Anonymous folk!! We raised £8670 for new tunnels, raised beds and equipment for our work with schools 😘❤😍😍❤😘

For all our Crowdfunding supporters here’s Deryn Relph’s lovely drawing of our croft for our E postcard. We believe one of our cats is included in the picture (like Where’s Wally?). Please let us know if you can find him. If you would like a hard copy and can’t print this picture please let us know and we will get one to you. Many many thanks again for everyone’s support.

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