Veg Box Scheme

The veg box scheme operates using a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) model.  A CSA is a system in which members support the work we do by committing to buying our veg boxes for one season and by providing a small volunteering commitment to help grow the produce. In return, members receive a share of the crops we grow. Membership involves you and your household as part of a group of people who are helping the local community become more secure and self-sufficient in its local food production. You also have the opportunity to contribute Transition Turriefield’s development and attend social events with like-minded people.

For more about how CSAs work click here.

How the veg box scheme works

To receive veg boxes from us, you join Transition Turriefield as a member for one season (March to December). A membership subscription can be renewed each year.

Membership to the veg box scheme

Membership subscriptions are available for 21 or 29 boxes per season, delivered between mid-March and Christmas. The 21 box option is delivered fortnightly throughout the season; the 29 box option is also delivered fortnightly, but with additional weekly boxes between mid-July and the end of October. Each subscription is equal to a 1-2 person veg box.

Costs and Payment

Membership subscriptions are paid in 10 monthly installments at the end of each month (March to December), or in one single payment made by 5th April. For the 2021 season membership costs:

Box prices are reviewed annually. We currently have a waiting list for veg boxes.


Boxes are delivered on a Friday. We operate a delivery service to households in Sandness, Walls and the Brig ‘o’ Walls. For other areas we use drop off hubs, which are either bus stops on route to Lerwick, or rural shops. Veg boxes can also be picked up from Turriefield.

Signing up

We have a waiting list and when you contact us about becoming part of the scheme we will let you know how long is likely to be before you can receive a share of the crops. See our Privacy Statement to see how we keep your contact details.

Volunteering commitment

As a member of Transition Turriefield’s CSA veg box scheme, we ask that you, or another member of your household, become involved in our work by volunteering with us for a minimum of 4 hours each season.

Please get in touch for more information about how the scheme works